The Psychology of Money

If you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to getting your financial house in order, look no further than Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money. In this blog post we discuss some of our favorite lessons from this classic book.

Q3 Market Update

An inverted yield curve exists when short term bonds pay a higher interest rate than longer term bonds, and is often looked at as a harbinger of a coming recession. In our latest blog post, Nathan discusses how this phenomenon has emerged and is effecting the bond market, and provides an update on the decline in coroprate earnings and the soaring US dollar.

Behavioral Finance

There has been much written over the past decade on what is known as behavioral finance. In this blog post we try to break down the basics and explain why investors need to be aware of them. 

Cash is King

Jerry Maguire famously said "show me the money!" Some investors have a similar view when deciding where to put capital to work. But dividends that are paid out by an investment work differently than the interest we receive in our bank account and it is important to know how.

Mid-Year Market Update

The last 2 years have been some of the most volatile in the history of American financial markets. In this blog post we reflect on how we arrived at this moment and how we should think about our circumstances from a global and historical viewpoint.

What's the Deal with Annuities?

Annuities are as complicated as they are controversial. Some financial professionals love them while others hate them. In this blog post we attempt to cut through the biases and weigh the pros and cons of these widely debated products.

When NOT to Contribute to a Retirement Account

It is always a good idea to save money. But depending on your age and personal circumstances, where you should save that money can be different from person to preson. In this blog post we discuss the counterintuitive idea that there are times when contributing to a retirement account may not be in your best interest.  

Regression to the Mean

When things are good people tend to think that they will always be good, and when they're bad things will only get worse.  But one of the most basic concepts in statistics tells us the opposite. In this blog post we explore regression to the mean.

Cash Flow Decisions

An emergency fund is the foundation of any healthy financial plan. But how should you replenish it after experiencing an unexpected large expense? In this blog post, I share a personal experience involving this exact scenario.


Commodities have recently awoken from a decade's long slumber and it is leading to inflationary pressures in our economy. How can investors take advantage of this? Learn more about their investment risks in our latest blog post.