Our Services

Our Services

At Sowa Financial Group, we work closely with you to craft a plan that is unique to your needs. Spending the time to understand where you are and where you want to go is the most essential part of developing a custom plan that is right for you.

Clients can feel confident knowing that they have a team of professionals monitoring their performance, thoughtfully responding to changes in market and economic conditions, and employing industry-leading research and technology resources to ensure that their financial interests are protected.


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Investment Advisory Services

We provide active, fee based investment management services to clients. With a custom asset allocation strategy, we seek to achieve your long term growth objectives while minimizing risk.

"As independent financial advisors operating on a fee basis for managed accounts, we have aligned our incentives with the best interests of our clients. Quite simply, when you prosper, we prosper, allowing for an open and transparent partnership." — Don Sowa, CFP®, AIF®

  • Managed investment advice on various securities, including stocks; corporate, municipal, and government debt (bonds); annuities; mutual funds; and ETFs
  • Ongoing guidance based on client-identified objectives, risk tolerance, and evolving performance requirements
  • Adjustments to risk-based performance models made on a continuing basis to account for changing market conditions

Qualifications:  Based on dollar value of assets under management

Fee Structure:  Annual fee, debited quarterly, based on assets under management1

Additional transaction charges may be levied by National Financial Services LLC for trading and custodial services, where appropriate.

Financial Planning Services

Your financial plan serves as the foundation for both near and long term financial decisionmaking, and is tailored to your unique set of needs, goals, and personal preferences.

"We believe strongly in the value of having a sound financial plan as a fundamental piece of your fiscal fitness." — Donna Sowa Allard, CFP®, AIF®

Financial Planning services are designed around the individual, and may range from a simple analysis of one planning area (i.e. education planning) to a comprehensive, ongoing engagement that evolves with your changing needs. Areas of focus may include:

  • Reviewing and prioritizing your goals and objectives (both near and long term)
  • Developing a summary of your current financial situation, including a net worth statement, cash flow summary, and insurance analysis.
  • Reviewing your current investment portfolio and presenting an asset allocation strategy for your current situation
  • Completing a retirement planning assessment, including financial projections of income required at estimated retirement date, considering your current savings rate, other resources and income needs.
  • Completing an education planning assessment (recommendations for most appropriate savings vehicles and savings schedule)
  • Reviewing tax efficiency of savings plan and investments (identifying opportunities for improvement where possible)
  • Risk analysis (insurance review)
  • Estate Planning Review (Title and beneficiary review for all accounts, inventory and review of current plans)
  • Making recommendations for investment choices in your active employer sponsored retirement plans
  • Making Recommendation for saving and investing to meet your income needs at retirement
  • Presenting an analysis to be reviewed in detail with you, including online access for reviewing independently
  • Developing an action plan to implement the agreed upon recommendations
  • Provide assistance in implementing any recommendations, and provide referrals to other professionals as necessary

Fee Structure:   Priced based on complexity of analysis; offered at a flat-fee for one-time analysis, or an annual-fee basis for ongoing engagements.