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Here are some MoneyTalk listener favorites from the past year; we hope you enjoy!


Sage Wisdom

Buy low, sell high; time is more valuable than money; markets always return to the mean - there are certain pearls of wisdom that continue to hold up over time. In a modern era of investing defined by innovation and speculation, Don and Donna Grace encourage us to be mindful of the lessons of the past, as times are never quite as different as we may perceive. (aired on 5/18/2021) 


NFTs: Valuing Digital Scarcity

Why would someone pay millions of dollars for a piece of digital artwork that could be viewed for free with a simple google search? Donna and Nathan attempt to settle some of the confusion around the latest crypto-craze: nonfungible tokens, and how they could forever reshaped the value potential for digital assets. (aired on 5/6/2021)


Inflation Ready

For years analysts have been warning of looming inflation while prices have remained steady. Don explains why this moment may be different, and how investors can prepare their portfolios to be inflation-ready. (aired on 5/3/2021)


Segue to Retirement

It comes by many names: accumulation to withdrawal, earn to burn, grind to grizzle - the transition from work life to retired life often feels different than we expect. Don and Donna Grace talk about the psychological hurdles that new retirees face when it comes time to start drawing down on those retirement assets. (aired on 4/27/2021)


The Debt Dilemma

It has been said there are three kinds of people: the have's, the have-not's, and the have-not-paid-for-what-they-have's. Steve addresses the complex question of whether to invest your cash or use it to pay down debt. (aired on 4/23/2021)


Avoiding the Crypto-Euphoria

The corporate adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and speculative frenzy that followed has captured the attention of people from all walks of life. Don explains why the cryptocurrency risk/reward trade-off is a bad gamble for the average investor approaching retirement. (aired on 4/19/2021)


Withdrawal Pains

You are taught from a young age to practice disciplined savings, then one day the government tells you they will penalize you if you don't spend it. Donna Grace and Nathan cover the Required Minimum Distribution: its purpose, how it works, and RMD rules that you need to know to stay out of the IRS penalty box. (aired on 4/15/2021)


Thank You for Your Contribution

Ready to roll over that employer sponsored plan? Donna Grace and Nathan stress the importance of knowing the various ways retirement plan contributions can be taxed prior to moving your money. (aired on 4/8/2021)


Bonds Away & Dawn of the Rail

After decades of record bond returns, rising rates are hurting long-term fixed income investors at a time when many of them need it most. Also, on our MoneyTalk Moment in Financial History Steve and Nathan talk about the corruption, scandal, and challenges the US faced during the development of the railroad system. (aired on 3/31/2021)


Long Term Care

Many fear the possibility of spending their last days and dollars in a nursing home. Donna and Nathan discuss how long-term care insurance has created new alternatives for those seeking to maintain some independence in their sunset years. (aired on 3/25/2021)


Retirement RedZone  

Steve offers some of the questions you should be asking your advisor during the final 10 years leading up to retirement: How much income will I need? What age should I retire? How aggressively should I be paying off my debt? (aired on 3/19/2021)


A Seller's Market 

Donna and guest John Tetrault with Slocum Realty discuss the state of the current real estate market; how the pandemic and aggressive Fed rate cutting propelled an existing seller's market to levels not seen since the Housing Bubble. What can a buyer do to compete? (aired on 3/11/2021)


Income Investing & The Ponzi Scheme  

Steve and Nathan talk about the chase for yield in a low-rate environment. Fraud, arbitrage, stamps...? Our MoneyTalk Moment in Financial History takes a look back on the unlikely origins of the Ponzi scheme. (aired on 3/10/2021)


Considerations When Approaching Retirement 

Donna and Nathan take on the some of the big decisions individuals face when approaching retirement: Do I take or defer my social security? How much investment risk can I assume if I’m taking income? Do I still need my life insurance? How aggressively should I pay down my debt? (aired on 3/4/2021)


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