The 2nd Largest Bank Failure

On March 10th of this year, Silicon Valley Bank experienced a classic "run on the bank".  And while any bank failure should be taken seriously, comparing it to past failures is a tricky task. In this blog post, we attempt to do just that.

Where is Housing Headed?

The spike in housing prices has been one of the most closely watched economic trends of the past few years, and with the aftermath of the 2008 housing crash still looming in our collective memory, some wonder if we could be headed for a similar outcome. In this video blog post, Nathan compares the conditions of the housing bubble era to those of the present to help shed some light on where the market may be headed. 

Leveling Up Your 401(k)

Most people get the basics of the 401(k), but there is more to them than meets the eye. In this blog post, we dive a little deeper into the most popular retirement savings vehicle and shed light on what you may be missing.

The Price of Time

Interest rates rose dramatically in 2022. In this blog post we discuss why that's actually a good thing in the long run and provide some historical perspective on the rate of interest.

The Year in Review

2022 has been quite a ride, but after recent years that statement seems all too familiar! In our year-in-review blog post, we recap the turbulent financial markets, the strong labor and weak housing markets, and the sectors of the stock market that found footing in the midst of volatility.

The Psychology of Money

If you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to getting your financial house in order, look no further than Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money. In this blog post we discuss some of our favorite lessons from this classic book.

Q3 Market Update

An inverted yield curve exists when short term bonds pay a higher interest rate than longer term bonds, and is often looked at as a harbinger of a coming recession. In our latest blog post, Nathan discusses how this phenomenon has emerged and is effecting the bond market, and provides an update on the decline in coroprate earnings and the soaring US dollar.

Behavioral Finance

There has been much written over the past decade on what is known as behavioral finance. In this blog post we try to break down the basics and explain why investors need to be aware of them. 

Cash is King

Jerry Maguire famously said "show me the money!" Some investors have a similar view when deciding where to put capital to work. But dividends that are paid out by an investment work differently than the interest we receive in our bank account and it is important to know how.

Mid-Year Market Update

The last 2 years have been some of the most volatile in the history of American financial markets. In this blog post we reflect on how we arrived at this moment and how we should think about our circumstances from a global and historical viewpoint.