Shorting Stocks

Shorting a stock is not an investment, it is a bet. In this blog post we explore how this equity position works and why it is so risky. 

Don't Sleep on the Short-Term Goals

Financial planning is often focused on the goal of retirement, and for those who are close to giving their two-week notice, it may be the only goal. If you're in your 30's or 40's, however, you've likely got other fish to fry. For younger investors, setting specific short-term goals can help bring the long-term ones into focus.

When is Enough, Enough?

There isn't anything wrong with wanting more, unless the desire for more becomes greed. In some cases, what we perceive as greed is something else entirely: fear. 

Setting Sail for Retirement

A famous attorney named Dudley Field Malone once said that a good analogy is worth three hours of discussion. In this blog post, we try to show why that concept is especially true when it comes to financial planning.

Tech Stocks & International Markets

The US stock market has significantly outperformed international markets over the last decade. One reason for this is that the global technology sector has found a home in the states. Compared to other countries, the US share of tech stocks is double in some cases. 

Math is Hard

Numbers don't lie, but they sure can be confusing. In this blog post we discuss managing expectations when it comes to investment returns and how averages can be misleading. 

The Risk-Return Relationship

We take risks every day of our lives; some small, some large. But regardless of the size, the reason for taking a risk should - in most cases - be the same: Growth. 

Purposeful Capital

Whatever your intentions are with your investments, it is very important to have them - intentions that is. Purposeless capital can be dangerous capital. In this blog post we discuss the value in earmarking not just some of your money, but all of it.

The Big Three

They are pretty much household names at this point: The S&P 500, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, and The NASDAQ. in this week's edition we explore their origins and what makes them all so different. 

Its All Relative

Rules of thumb in finance can be difficult to sustain. Every investor has different circumstances which he or she must consider. From risk tolerance to savings rates, its all relative.