The Client-Advisor Relationship - Adding Value

   Your Financial Advocate

Female advisor meeting with a client


In this day and age, many services that once required the expertise of a professional can be accomplished through your computer or an app on your smart phone.

With the availability of automated investment advice (aka. Robo-Advisors), this may include managing your investments. So, with all of these technological resources available, why should you work with an advisor?

15 Things Your Financial Advisor Does for You

  1. Helps you formulate realistic goals, and prioritize them

  2. Provides guidance and accountability to help keep you on track

  3. Guides you to consider areas of your financial life that you may have overlooked, like analyzing your Social Security claiming strategy

  4. Helps you manage the challenge of competing financial goals, like saving for retirement while reducing debt

  5. Prepares a personalized asset allocation that balances your need for return with your ability to tolerate risk

  6. Helps convert your investments into income, offering alternatives to maximize your income during retirement

  7. Monitors your investments, providing analysis and making changes when needed

  8. Provides reminders about key financial planning activities to avoid penalties, such as taking your required minimum distribution

  9. Offers advice on your company benefits, and reviews investments in your company sponsored retirement plans

  10. Reviews your insurance and identifies areas where you may be exposed to risk

  11. Works with your tax and legal advisors to help you meet your financial goals

  12. Provides a holistic approach to managing your financial life, offering referrals to other trusted professionals

  13. Stays up to date on changes in the investment world, providing personal investment analysis with independent research

  14. Proactively keeps in touch with you, monitoring changes in your life and family situation

  15. Acts as a sounding board, offering an objective perspective, as you consider important decisions


When you hire an advisor, you aren't just looking for information, you can easily get that yourself. You hire an advisor for their experience.

With experience weathering challenging markets, your financial advisor helps you adapt your plan appropriately as your life evolves, and makes suggestions about areas of your financial life that you may not be considering.

Even though an airplane comes equipped with autopilot, we still need an experienced pilot to ensure that we get to our destination safely. We place our trust in financial professionals because our journey to retirement is too important to be put on autopilot.